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Septic System Installation & Repair

K & A Enterprises LLC, located in Meriden, CT,  has extensive experience providing septic system repair, septic tank replacement and complete septic system and leach field installations.

We use concrete septic tanks and the Geomatrix GST system, which maximizes the surface area of time-proven stone leaching systems and delivers enhanced oxygen transfer, which results in better treatment of the wastewater product and a leach field with a longer lifespan.

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Towns We Service:

  • Meriden
  • Cheshire
  • Wallingford
  • Middlefield
  • Durham
  • Southington
  • Middletown
  • Plainville
  • Berlin
  • Bristol
  • Plantsville
  • Wolcott


What are the signs that a septic system repair or replacement is needed?

It's crucial to know the warning signs of septic system problems. Often, the earliest sign is slow draining from your sinks and showers, and slow flushing from your toilets. Needing to pump your septic system frequently can also indicate an underlying issue. Detecting a strong foul odor can indicate that sewage is backing up or leaking, and in either case, you'll need a septic system repair before the problem gets worse. Whether the line is obstructed or the tank is full, performing septic system service at this stage can prevent more unpleasant signs such as sewage backup.

Pooling water in the yard may indicate that your leach field is not working correctly, perhaps due to oversaturation, soil compaction, or materials that have simply deteriorated with age. If the leach field or the entire system are beyond its usable lifespan, or if it shows signs of damage such as broken baffles or tank collapse, it may be time for a new septic system installation.

Call a professional as soon as you suspect you need a septic system repair—early action can prevent a complete system failure, which will requires much more extensive (and expensive) repairs.

Why choose K & A Enterprises for your septic system repair or a new septic system installation?

We are licensed septic installers and excavators with over 24 years of professional experience in repairing, replacing, and installing septic systems. K & A Enterprises LLC does a complete job from start to finish, is fully insured, obtains the proper septic system permits and septic inspections necessary, and always uses high-quality septic system tanks and septic materials. Our experience, expertise, and reliability set us apart.