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Water Line Repair & Installation

K & A Enterprises LLC, located in Meriden, CT, performs plumbing pipe repair for your water line, and replaces or installs your water line using 1" K copper tubing from the water line curbstop to the house. We replace all of the plumbing pipe fittings, including new ball valves to ensure an optimal result for your water line.

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Towns We Service:

  • Meriden
  • Cheshire
  • Wallingford
  • Middlefield
  • Durham
  • Southington
  • Middletown
  • Plainville
  • Berlin
  • Bristol
  • Plantsville
  • Wolcott


What are the common causes of water line damage?

Water line damage can be caused by many factors, but in many cases, problems are simply caused by normal wear and tear and pipe aging. Pipes naturally weaken and deteriorate with time—outdated galvanized steel pipes are likely to be rusted. Unfortunately, this process can also be sped up by the quality of your soil and water. Acidic soil can contribute to corrosion of the water pipes from the outside in, while hard water can cause damage from the inside out.

Cold winters are also tough on water lines, and that's something we often experience in Connecticut. When water freezes, it expands—and that can mean burst pipes. Water line installation must be deep in the ground as a safeguard against the cycle of freezing and thawing.

The natural shifting of soil around the home's foundation can also cause stress to the water line, resulting in cracks or breaks.

What are the signs that a water line repair or replacement is needed?

A leaking water line can cause a variety of alarming signs, including water that is visibly leaking or forming pools in the yard or near the property line.

As water seeps out of your pipes, this will cause low water pressure from your sinks and showers. But while you'll notice a decrease at the faucet, you'll also see a large increase on your water bill; the spike in your water consumption is due to the leaking water which is wasted before it ever reaches your tap.

Why choose K & A Enterprises for your water line repair and replacement?

We are licensed plumbers and excavators with over 24 years of professional experience in repairing and replacing water lines. K & A Enterprises LLC does a complete job from start to finish, is fully insured, obtains the proper water line permits and water line inspections necessary, and uses the highest quality water pipe. Our experience, expertise, and reliability set us apart.